So Who’s Harry?

Moving from Texas in 2011 (victims of the 2009 building bubble crash) we made the long trek in “Harvey” the RV along with “Harry” our rescued Coati Mundi to our 10 incredible acres in the forests of Arcadia Florida on the Peace River.

After enjoying 2 beautiful years in the woods on the river we decided it was time to get back to work. So in the pursuit of an opportunity, providence led us to Anna Maria Island and eventually in October of 2014 to Harry’s Grill. Our plan, once owning the restaurant, was to have an exhibit on the pet friendly patio displaying the negative aspects of the exotic pet trade with “Harry” the Coati Mundi as the star of the show. Little did we know but poor “Harry” was about to live out his short life and pass away only weeks before officially owning Harry’s Grill in January of 2015. 

So now Harry lives on as our mascot proudly represented in the Harry’s Grill logo. We hope you enjoy your time with us and please don’t ask me “are you Harry?” But if your name is Harry tell us and we’ll buy you a drink so we can have a toast in memory of Harry the Coati Mundi!                
Jan and Mark Labriola